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Dinosaur Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Stellar Saur Expedition


Galaxy Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Galactic Explorers


Galaxy Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Cosmic Playtime


Space Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Astronaut Adventures


Galaxy Theme Wallpaper - Nebula Nautical


Space Theme Wallpaper - Galactic Pals


Space Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Celestial Bodies


Kids and Nursery Space Wallpaper - Superclusters


Galaxy Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Space Adventure


Kids and Nursery Galaxy Wallpaper - Rocket Launch


Welcome to our Space Nursery Wallpaper collection at Teepee Joy!

As a passionate designer, I am excited to present our unique wallpapers that will transport your child's nursery or playroom into a whimsical galaxy.

These designs, featuring adorable space themes, are perfect for sparking imagination and a love for the cosmos in your little one.

What I love about this collection is its versatility and charm, making it suitable for any nursery or playroom. We also offer the option to customize any design to fit your vision perfectly.

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Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Space Adventure

What I Like About It

This delightful "Space Adventure" wallpaper pattern transports any child's room into the vast expanses of the universe, celebrating the awe-inspiring wonders of space.

Featuring a charming array of planets, stars, and celestial bodies, this design uses a striking palette of navy, gold, and white, which brilliantly contrasts against each other for a truly dynamic look.

The style of the illustrations leans towards a modern and somewhat geometric aesthetic, which offers a clean and contemporary feel.

This pattern is perfect for sparking imagination and curiosity about the cosmos, making it more than just decor—it's an invitation to dream and explore.

Mood and Atmosphere

The "Space Adventure" wallpaper is designed to inspire and energize.

Its use of vibrant colors and celestial motifs creates a playful yet peaceful environment that is ideal for both stimulating play and encouraging restful sleep.

This makes the wallpaper a versatile choice, suitable for nurseries, where tranquility is paramount, and playrooms or children's bedrooms, where a touch of excitement is always welcome.

It's an excellent backdrop for fostering a child's creativity and wonder about the universe.

Styling Tips

To complement this cosmic theme, consider pairing the wallpaper with deep blues and bright yellows in your decor to mirror the night sky and the stars.

Opt for sleek, modern furniture in white or gray to keep the room feeling open and airy, allowing the wallpaper to really stand out as a focal point.

For accessories, silver metallic or glossy accents can mimic a futuristic space feel—think lamps, curtain rods, and picture frames.

Wall art depicting solar systems, astronauts, or famous constellations can enhance the theme, while plush rugs in navy or black can ground the space and provide a comfy play area.

Bedding and blankets in coordinating colors and motifs will tie the entire room together, creating a cohesive and inviting space for every young astronaut.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Galactic Explorers

What I Like About It

The "Galactic Explorers" wallpaper bursts with vivid colors and playful imagery that's perfect for sparking youthful imagination and adventure.

This pattern showcases a variety of cosmic elements, including colorful rockets, planets, and spirited astronauts, all designed with a charming, hand-drawn look that adds a touch of whimsy and personality.

The bright palette includes shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange, set against a clean white background that helps each figure pop with life and vibrancy.

The inclusion of playful words like "Fly" and "Star" interspersed among the illustrations not only enhances the visual interest but also encourages literacy and language development in young children.

Mood and Atmosphere

"Galactic Explorers" is designed to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for playrooms and children's bedrooms where activity and energy are encouraged.

This wallpaper can also work wonderfully in a nursery, as the joyful themes and bright colors can stimulate visual perception and interest in babies and toddlers.

The pattern is intended to inspire dreams of adventure and exploration, helping children to imagine themselves traveling through the cosmos, exploring new worlds, and reaching for the stars.

Styling Tips

To enhance the lively charm of the "Galactic Explorers" wallpaper, consider using furniture in neutral tones like grey or white to keep the room feeling balanced and not overly busy.

Add pops of color that match the wallpaper's palette through accessories such as pillows, blankets, and rugs.

Incorporate silver or metallic finishes in lighting fixtures or hardware to mimic a futuristic space-age look.

For wall art, consider pieces that feature solar systems, celestial bodies, or iconic space figures.

Bedding with constellation patterns or spacecraft motifs would beautifully complement the theme, as well as soft plush toys that resemble planets and stars to add a tactile element to the room.

A large, soft area rug in a solid color pulled from the wallpaper can ground the space and provide a comfortable play area for little explorers.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Galactic Pals

What I Like About It

The "Galactic Pals" wallpaper is a vibrant and joyful addition to any child's space, featuring an array of colorful, playful elements that evoke a sense of adventure and fun.

This pattern captures the essence of a bustling galaxy with whimsical depictions of rockets, planets, and moons, each adorned in a palette of bright and cheerful colors like pink, blue, yellow, and orange.

The illustrations are hand-drawn, giving them a soft and approachable feel that's perfect for a child's room.

The playful text elements such as "Fly" and "Moon" add a narrative element, encouraging children to create their own stories in their space.

Mood and Atmosphere

"Galactic Pals" creates a mood that is both energetic and inspiring, making it an ideal choice for spaces where children play, learn, and dream.

Its bright colors and dynamic motifs stimulate creativity and can help to energize a playroom or add a cheerful touch to a nursery.

The friendly vibe of the wallpaper is perfect for fostering a fun and welcoming atmosphere, where little ones can feel comfortable and stimulated by their surroundings.

Styling Tips

To complement the lively "Galactic Pals" wallpaper, consider incorporating furniture in solid colors that echo those found in the wallpaper—think sky blue bookcases, sunny yellow chairs, and rocket red desks.

For accessories, opt for space-themed items like planet-shaped cushions, starry night lamps, and solar system mobiles that float enchantingly above a crib or play area.

Wall art can include educational posters of the solar system or framed artwork of famous astronauts and space missions.

Bedding in a galaxy or astronaut print will enhance the theme while keeping the room cohesive and themed.

Adding a plush area rug in a neutral shade like gray or navy can help balance the brightness of the walls and provide a soft play area.

This overall approach not only decorates the space but also turns it into an educational and inspiring environment for every little explorer.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Stellar Saur Expedition

What I Like About It

The "Stellar Saur Expedition" wallpaper is an enchanting blend of prehistoric charm and celestial wonder, making it a unique choice for any child's room.

The playful pattern features dinosaurs engaging in cosmic adventures, with each dinosaur uniquely illustrated in a vibrant palette of blues, oranges, and yellows.

These dinos aren't just roaming the Jurassic; they're exploring the stars, with some wearing space helmets and others riding rockets.

The style of the illustrations is whimsical and hand-drawn, adding a personal and artistic touch that's sure to ignite the imaginations of young minds.

The scattered stars enhance the space theme, creating a fun backdrop that transcends time.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper brings a dynamic and playful atmosphere to any space, making it perfect for areas designed for play and creativity.

It combines the thrilling allure of dinosaurs with the mysterious appeal of outer space, two themes beloved by children.

The "Stellar Saur Expedition" can transform a nursery into a place of wonder and excitement, stimulate active play in a playroom, or inspire dreamy bedtime stories in a child's bedroom.

Its vibrant colors and engaging scenes create an environment that's both educational and fun, perfect for nurturing a child's natural curiosity about the natural and the supernatural.

Styling Tips

When styling a room with the "Stellar Saur Expedition" wallpaper, choose furniture in solid, neutral colors like white or gray to keep the focus on the colorful walls.

Accents in orange or blue from the wallpaper can be sprinkled throughout the room in the form of throw pillows, bedding, or curtains to tie the space together.

Consider adding plush dinosaur toys or space-themed gadgets like a moon-shaped night-light or star-patterned throw rugs to enhance the theme.

Wall art can include educational posters about dinosaurs or the solar system, providing both decoration and learning opportunities.

For a cohesive look, choose bedding that features either dinosaur or space motifs in similar colors to those on the wallpaper. This creates a playful yet harmonized space that encourages learning and imagination in all who enter.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Cosmic Playtime

What I Like About It

"Cosmic Playtime" wallpaper is a delightful journey into a child-friendly universe, where friendly robots and whimsical UFOs mingle with planets and stars across a soft, neutral background.

The color palette is soothing, with shades of soft gray, gentle blues, and warm oranges that create a serene yet playful space.

The style of the illustrations is charmingly simplistic and slightly whimsical, which makes them perfect for young children.

The stars and constellation lines add a subtle educational element, introducing children to the wonders of the night sky in a fun and accessible way.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to inspire both calm and creativity, making it a versatile choice that’s perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms alike.

The gentle colors and fun space-themed illustrations provide a backdrop that can stimulate imagination without overwhelming the senses.

"Cosmic Playtime" offers a balance of adventure and tranquility, creating an environment where children can dream and play in a space that feels both safe and exciting.

Styling Tips

To enhance the peaceful yet imaginative theme of "Cosmic Playtime," consider pairing this wallpaper with furniture in light woods or white to maintain a light and airy feel in the room.

Accents like cushions or a throw in pale blue or soft orange can tie the room’s color scheme together.

Metallic or glossy finishes on small furniture pieces or picture frames can echo the futuristic theme without being too stark.

For additional decor, add wall art that features solar systems, cute robots, or simple star maps.

Bedding in coordinating colors with patterns of stars or planets can complement the wallpaper beautifully, while a plush gray or navy rug can anchor the space and provide a comfy spot for play.

Consider using floating shelves painted in a matching shade of gray to display space-themed books or toys, which not only adds to the decor but also keeps things organized and accessible for little ones.

Space Nursery Wallpaper - Nebula Nautical

What I Like About It

The "Nebula Nautical" wallpaper is a captivating blend of marine and celestial themes, presenting a unique artistic vision that's perfect for stirring the imaginations of children.

This design features beautifully detailed sea creatures like whales and narwhals, intertwined with celestial bodies such as stars and planets, all rendered in a gorgeous watercolor style.

The colors are deep and rich, primarily in shades of blues and grays with touches of rustic browns and soft whites, reflecting both the depths of the ocean and the expansiveness of the night sky.

The watercolor technique gives each element a fluid, dreamlike quality that is both soothing and enchanting.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is ideal for creating a serene and mystical atmosphere in a nursery or child's room.

The combination of gentle sea creatures with the tranquility of celestial motifs makes it a perfect backdrop for spaces where calm and peacefulness are cherished.

It invites children to dream and explore, offering a sense of wonder and the mystery of the unknown, whether under the sea or in outer space.

The "Nebula Nautical" can also be a delightful addition to a playroom where the theme of exploration and adventure is encouraged.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Nebula Nautical" wallpaper, consider furniture in dark wood tones to echo the depth and mystery of the pattern, or opt for white to brighten the room and contrast with the darker hues of the wallpaper.

Soft, plush ocean-themed toys like starfish, whales, and octopuses can add a playful touch and reinforce the nautical theme.

Consider hanging art that features maritime scenes or celestial maps to enhance the educational aspect of the room.

Bedding in navy blue or storm gray with star patterns or wave designs can tie the room's decor together while keeping with the theme.

Adding a rug in a solid color that matches the lighter tones in the wallpaper can provide balance and a soft play area.

For lighting, a lamp that mimics a lighthouse or one with a starry night pattern can continue the theme and provide a cozy light source.

Need Help Picking the Perfect Space Nursery Wallpaper?

As your journey through our Space Nursery Wallpaper collection comes to an end, remember that each selection you make is the start of a new story for your child's room.

If these walls could talk, they would tell tales of joyous playdates, peaceful slumbers, and the blossoming of imagination.

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