When people shop boutiques, they often get stuck on the price tags. They consider how they can get it cheaper elsewhere, but forget to consider the overall value. Value is what truly matters, and it goes far beyond numbers on a price tag.

The Value of Buying Boutique

True value refers to the quality of both the product and the company, as well as the benefits to the customer, business, community, and even the environment. Let's take a look at the benefits of buying boutique from all angles.

1. Craftsmanship

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Manufacturing is continuously shifting toward quantity over quality, which results in less valuable, more disposable products. Boutiques are still producing products the "old fashioned way" which relies on human touch and the human eye. Hands-on quality with an eye for detail ensures quality control that passes the closest examinations.

2. Pride in Their Products

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Boutiques found their businesses on quality products and excellent customer service. They take pride in their products and want customers to take pride in owning their products, too. Their goal is not to sell the most products possible, but rather to sell the best products.

3. Quality Materials

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You cannot achieve quality craftsmanship without quality materials. Boutiques understand that products are a sum of their parts, and only the best parts will do. By using quality materials, boutiques ensure their products will last and be enjoyed for years to come. 

4. Unique Styles

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By using quality materials, boutiques can also offer unique styles. This is because they get their materials from premium sources whose creativity goes beyond the basics. For instance, our fabric supplier has in-house designers that create designs based on current trends and customer requests.

5. Customization

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Boutiques are customer-centric, which means they care about the individual and their personal needs. They understand that no two customers are alike, and thus offer customization. At Teepee Joy, our customers can customize their products with names, specific dimensions, custom fabrics, and more. Customization also lends itself to matching or complementary products, such as curtains, pillows, floor poufs, and wall art.

6. Long Term Value

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All of the above adds up to long term value for the customer. A wise man once said, 'the poor man buys twice' because they did not invest in quality products the first time. By buying boutique, you invest in products that can withstand constant use and the test of time.

7. Supporting Small Business

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As we've shown, there is a lot of value in buying boutique that benefits the customer directly. But there is also value that helps others, especially small businesses. Small business owners are the ones that believe in the American dream, that believes in building a company that is based on quality, not just quantity. By buying boutique, you are supporting small business owners, employees, and their families.

8. Better for the Environment

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With the growing trend in quantity manufacturing, people are starting to adopt the mentality that they'll 'just buy it again.' They are sacrificing quality because it's almost cheaper to wear out the product and replace it. But our landfills are seeing the result of that disposable mentality. 

So, Is Buying Boutique Worth It?

Well, we certainly think so. We quickly listed eight benefits and could have listed even more. We hope you also see the value in buying boutique for yourself, your family, and your community. To see the quality options for yourself, please visit our product collection

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