Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Giraffe Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Giraffe’s Paradise


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Safari Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Safari Whimsy


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Safari Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Safari Escapade


Safari Theme Wallpaper - Born to be Wild


Giraffe Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Looking Up


Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Jungle Cats


Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Jungle Dream


Welcome to our Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection at Teepee Joy!

As a dedicated designer, I'm thrilled to present these stunning wallpaper designs that bring the adventurous spirit of the safari to any child's room.

Perfect for nurseries, playrooms, or any child’s space, these designs feature vibrant animals and lush landscapes that ignite imaginations and create a sense of wonder.

I love this collection because it combines playful elements with elegant artistry, making it versatile for various decor styles.

At Teepee Joy, you can customize any design to perfectly fit your vision.

More collections that might interest you are the Forest Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Jungle Peel and Stick Wallpaper, and the general Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection.

Need help with design choices or determining the right quantity of rolls? Schedule a free video consultation with me, Lee Orlian, and let's create a magical space together!

Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Giraffe's Paradise

What I Like About It

The "Giraffe's Paradise" wallpaper captures the essence of a serene safari adventure, making it an enchanting choice for children's spaces.

The pattern features elegant giraffes set against a backdrop of lush palm trees and a soft, sunset-hued sky.

The illustration style leans towards a gentle watercolor aesthetic, with smooth transitions of greens and beiges that evoke a warm, earthy feel.

The subtle inclusion of the setting sun in a dreamy pink adds a magical touch to the scene, enhancing the whimsical aspect of this wallpaper.

It's not just a design; it's a gateway to imaginative adventures in the wild.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper creates a calming and serene mood, perfect for a nursery or a young child’s bedroom where peace and tranquility are cherished.

The choice of soft pastels and the nature-inspired theme promote a soothing environment, conducive to rest and relaxation.

However, the playful presence of giraffes adds just enough excitement to make the room engaging for children, stimulating their curiosity about nature and wildlife.

It’s an ideal balance that makes "Giraffe's Paradise" versatile enough for both energetic playtimes and peaceful night times.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Giraffe's Paradise" wallpaper, consider a color scheme that echoes its natural palette.

Soft beige, gentle greens, and warm browns work beautifully with the backdrop, maintaining an earthy and cohesive look.

Opt for furniture in light wood tones, which will harmonize with the jungle theme without overwhelming the space.

Adding accessories like greenery in simple planters can enhance the feel of being in nature.

For bedding and blankets, choose muted colors with subtle patterns to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Wall art featuring safari themes or abstract pieces in similar colors can tie the room together, making it a cohesive sanctuary that sparks joy and imagination in any child.

Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Born to be Wild

What I Like About It

The "Born to be Wild" wallpaper is a vibrant celebration of the animal kingdom, featuring a beautifully illustrated menagerie of giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, and crocodiles, all nestled among lush greenery.

The watercolor style brings each animal to life with a soft yet detailed touch, creating an inviting and lively scene.

The use of natural, muted green and earth tones ensures that the wallpaper feels warm and not overwhelming, making it suitable for small and large spaces alike.

This hand-drawn approach adds a personal touch to the design, enhancing the uniqueness of each creature and leaf.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for creating a vibrant and energetic mood, making it an excellent choice for a playroom or a child's bedroom.

The variety of animals and the dynamic composition spark imagination and adventure, encouraging children to think about and explore the wonders of the natural world.

Despite its lively vibe, the soft watercolor palette maintains a sense of calm, making it versatile enough for spaces designed for both active play and relaxation.

It's a design that grows with your child, inspiring endless stories and adventures.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Born to be Wild" wallpaper, consider choosing furniture in neutral tones such as white, gray, or light wood, which will allow the colorful artwork to stand out without clashing.

Accent pieces like plush animal toys and a jungle-themed rug can enhance the room's theme without being too literal.

For bedding, select simple patterns or solid colors that match the greenery in the wallpaper to maintain harmony in the room.

Adding a few pieces of wall art that depict safari scenes or abstract natural elements can tie the room together.

Consider using storage bins or baskets made of natural materials like rattan or bamboo to keep the room organized and aligned with the nature-inspired theme.

This thoughtful approach to styling ensures that the space remains cohesive, functional, and beautiful, making it a perfect backdrop for every little explorer's daily adventures.

Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Looking Up

What I Like About It

"Looking Up" is a beautifully crafted wallpaper that brings a touch of the exotic and the lush beauty of a tropical paradise right into your child's room.

The wallpaper features tall, elegant giraffes alongside striking zebras, set against a backdrop of towering palm trees and vibrant hibiscus flowers.

The illustrations are rendered in a watercolor style, which gives each element a soft, dreamlike quality.

The color palette is a harmonious blend of natural greens and browns with pops of pink from the flowers, creating a lively yet soothing visual experience.

The inclusion of familiar yet exotic animals adds a playful touch that can spark children’s curiosity about the natural world.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to create a serene yet stimulating environment, ideal for both nurseries and playrooms.

The tall giraffes and lush palms invite young minds to explore and imagine, turning the room into a small slice of an adventurous safari.

The soft watercolors and gentle contrasts in the wallpaper provide a calming backdrop, making it suitable for restful spaces while still being vibrant enough to energize and inspire creative play.

It’s a wonderful blend that supports both rest and imaginative exploration in any child's space.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Looking Up" wallpaper, opt for furnishings and decor that enhance the natural and adventurous theme.

Choose furniture in light or medium wood tones to keep the room feeling open and airy.

Accent pieces like a woven jute rug or bamboo shades can reinforce the naturalistic theme without overpowering the bold pattern of the wallpaper.

For bedding, consider solid colors that match the soft greens or browns, or select a minimalistic tropical pattern to echo the wallpaper’s theme.

Adding plush toys such as giraffes and zebras can make the room feel like a true safari adventure.

Wall art depicting jungle scenes or abstract representations of tropical flora can complete the look, creating a cohesive and inviting space for every young adventurer.

Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Safari Soiree

What I Like About It

"Safari Soiree" offers a delightful, modern twist on the classic safari theme, perfect for sparking little imaginations.

The wallpaper features charming and stylized illustrations of safari animals like elephants and hippos, alongside playful palm trees and abstract foliage.

The artwork is rendered in a minimalistic, almost geometric style, using a soft palette of grays and yellows, accented with white.

This simplicity and the friendly faces of the animals lend a gentle, inviting atmosphere to any child’s space.

The clean lines and uncomplicated shapes make this pattern ideal for modern nurseries and playrooms, ensuring it blends seamlessly with contemporary decor.

Mood and Atmosphere

The design of "Safari Soiree" creates a playful yet calm atmosphere, making it perfect for both energetic playrooms and peaceful nurseries.

The subdued colors and simple shapes provide a backdrop that is stimulating without being overwhelming, catering to young children's need for visual exploration without overstimulation.

This wallpaper can help foster a sense of curiosity and joy, as children can imagine their own little safari adventures with these friendly animal companions.

It's a wonderful balance that supports a variety of activities and moods, from playtime to bedtime.

Styling Tips

To style a room with the "Safari Soiree" wallpaper, stick to a neutral base with splashes of yellow and soft gray to complement the wallpaper’s color scheme.

Choose furniture in white or light wood to keep the room feeling bright and airy.

Consider incorporating plush animal toys that match the safari theme to give depth to the decor and provide tactile play options for children.

For textiles like curtains, cushions, and bedding, opt for soft grays or vibrant yellows to draw out the wallpaper's hues.

Wall art could include minimalist safari landscapes or abstract designs that echo the playful and artistic style of the wallpaper.

Rounding out the space with a soft, neutral rug will help define the play area while keeping the overall look cohesive and inviting.

This approach not only enhances the theme but also creates a harmonious and functional space that children will love spending time in.

Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Safari Escapade

What I Like About It

"Safari Escapade" features a striking monochromatic palette that brings a classic and sophisticated twist to the playful safari theme.

This wallpaper is adorned with intricately detailed illustrations of safari animals like elephants, giraffes, and tigers, all depicted in a realistic yet artistic sketch style.

The palm trees and understated landscape elements are gracefully interwoven with the animals, creating a dynamic yet harmonious scene.

This design leans towards a more detailed, sketch-like approach, capturing the essence and majesty of each animal, making it not only decorative but also educational.

Mood and Atmosphere

The black and white color scheme of "Safari Escapade" offers a timeless elegance that can suit a variety of room settings, from a newborn's nursery to a toddler’s playroom.

The use of monochrome creates a calming atmosphere that is less stimulating than more colorful wallpapers, making it ideal for spaces where relaxation and quiet play are encouraged.

However, the vivid depiction of safari scenes ensures the wallpaper still carries an element of adventure and exploration, sparking imagination and curiosity in any child's room.

Styling Tips

Decorating a room with "Safari Escapade" provides a wonderful opportunity to play with textures and contrasts.

Opt for furniture in black, white, or natural wood tones to maintain the classic look.

Accent pieces like a black and white striped rug or cushions can amplify the monochromatic theme without overwhelming the senses.

For a pop of color, consider adding small touches of green through plants or emerald accents in pillows or throws, which can mimic the lushness of a safari landscape.

Silver or mirrored decor items can add a hint of sophistication and brightness to the space.

Art prints in simple black frames featuring natural scenes or abstract designs would complement the wallpaper beautifully, enhancing the overall aesthetic while keeping the room cohesive and styled with purpose.

This refined approach will create a nurturing environment that encourages both rest and imaginative play.

Need Help Picking the Perfect Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

As you wrap up your journey through our Safari Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection, keep in mind that every choice you make is the beginning of a new chapter in your child's room.

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