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Step into the Jungle with Monkey Nursery Wallpaper

Monkeys, with their endless energy and infectious charm, have always been a favorite. Our Monkey Nursery Wallpaper selection is designed to infuse your child's space with the vivacity and dynamism these creatures exude.

Just think about the stories your child will conjure, waking amidst these whimsical beings.

A Gallery of Simian Charm

Beyond just repetitive patterns, our monkey wallpapers offer a journey. From the playful capuchins of South America to the gentle orangutans of Borneo, there's a rich tapestry of stories waiting to unfold.

Whether it's a cheeky grin from a chimpanzee or a solemn gaze from a silverback gorilla, every wallpaper detail holds depth and narrative.

Vibrant Jungle Hues: From Lush Greens to Sunset Oranges

The wild is a plethora of colors, and our wallpapers don't hold back. Subtle dawn pastels, midday blues, or twilight purples; there's a shade for every dreamer.

Matched with the antics of our monkey friends, these wallpapers don't just add color but emotion to a nursery design.

Texture and Finish: A Touch of Realism

What's a wallpaper if not immersive? I've taken special care to ensure textures that evoke the feel of a real jungle. The rustling leaves, the rugged bark, and the monkeys' fur—all brought to life, adding layers of tactile delight.

The Craft Behind The Art

Each monkey, tree, and even the smallest of leaves is intricately designed. Years of experience and dedication go into creating wallpapers that are both mesmerizing and lasting.

The ink used is non-toxic, ensuring a safe environment for your little one.

A Perfect Backdrop for Adventure

Every child's room is their first adventure ground, their very own first 'world'. These wallpapers set the stage for countless stories, imaginative plays, and dreams—turning every bedtime into a jungle tale.

Tailored to Perfection

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do imaginations. If you have a specific vision for the monkey wallpaper, be it a particular species, a unique color scheme, or even a certain style of artistry, I'm all ears.

Let's collaborate to bring that vision to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the texture of these wallpapers like?

Each wallpaper has been crafted to not just visually but tactilely mirror the jungle. From subtle embossing to smooth finishes, there's texture to suit every touch.

How easy is it to clean?

Given the lively nature of our target audience—kids—the wallpapers are designed to be easily wiped clean without damaging the vibrant prints.

Do you have wallpapers suitable for larger walls?

Absolutely! Our range covers designs perfect for expansive walls, turning them into magnificent jungle murals.

Is there an installation guide?

Yes, every order comes with a detailed, easy-to-follow installation guide. Plus, I'm always available to assist!

Can I mix and match different designs?

Certainly! Combining different designs can create unique and delightful wall stories.

Your Personal Jungle Guide - Just a Call Away!

Still wondering how to best fit a piece of the jungle into your home? Or perhaps you're unsure which monkey would best match your child's spirit?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute video call with me. If you're more of a typist, drop me an email at Either way, I'm here to guide you through your jungle journey.

Lee Orlian

Co-Founder and Interior Designer |

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