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Soaring Dreams with Our Airplane Nursery Wallpaper

Collection From the dawn of the aviation age to today’s jumbo jets, there's something undeniably magical about airplanes. It's the promise of faraway lands, the thrill of ascents, and the serenity of gliding among clouds.

These feelings are precisely what I've tried to bottle up and bring right into your nursery design with our airplane wallpaper collection.

The Sky’s the Limit - and Beyond

Aviation has always symbolized breaking boundaries. From the Wright brothers' first flight to today's supersonic jets, it's about pushing the envelope.

Our wallpapers aim to capture this relentless spirit of innovation and wonder. Whether it's the old-world charm of propeller planes, the daring of fighter jets, or the futuristic allure of spacecraft, there’s a pattern to suit every aspiring aviator's dream.

A Palette of Adventure

A journey through our collection is like a flight across different times of day. Delve into the golds of dawn, the rich blues of a sunlit sky, or the dusky purples of twilight.

The pastels and bolds alike aim to transport your little one into skies full of adventure. The meticulous shading captures the play of sunlight on fuselages, the shadows cast by clouds, and the endless horizons waiting to be explored.

Design Details - Up, Close, and Personal

It’s in the intricacies that the real magic happens. Observe the precision of the cockpit layouts, the swirl of exhaust, the hum of a propeller in motion - our designs aim to be as lifelike as possible.

Printed with love in the US, we ensure that every inch of the wallpaper brings the outside world alive, right in your nursery.

Creating a Complete Flight Experience

A nursery themed with airplane nursery wallpapers becomes the perfect setting for storytelling. Share tales of Amelia Earhart’s adventures, or Neil Armstrong’s moon landing.

Complement these stories with nursery decor: fluffy cloud mobiles, airplane models, and maybe even a pilot’s hat for the tiny adventurer. These walls won’t just be backgrounds, but canvases that carry tales of valor, discovery, and infinite possibilities.

A Design Investment That Ages Gracefully

The love for the skies and what lies beyond isn’t just a fleeting phase. It’s a lifelong romance. Our wallpapers, high on quality and charm, promise to be a part of your child’s journey from the crib to the study table and perhaps, even beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair these wallpapers with existing decor?

Airplane themes are versatile. You can complement with other travel or adventure-themed items. Need ideas? Just ask!

Is the wallpaper adhesive strong enough for long-term use?

Absolutely! Our peel-and-stick design ensures durability without wall damage.

Are there coordinating decor suggestions available?

Sure thing! From plush airplane toys to aviation-themed bed linen, there are numerous ways to amplify the theme.

Let’s brainstorm together!

Guidance Through the Journey of Design It’s a vast collection, I know. And choices can be overwhelming. But remember, every great flight had a co-pilot. I’m here for you.

Whether you want to schedule a 15-minute video chat or prefer penning down your thoughts in an email at, I'm just a click away.

Lee Orlian

Co-Founder and Interior Designer |

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