Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids and Nursery Rooms

Kids and Nursery Flower Wallpaper - Twilight Peony Garden


Floral Theme Wallpaper - Blue Blossoms


Traditional or Peel and Stick Floral Wallpaper - Finest Blooms


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Creamy Petal Dance


Flower Theme Wallpaper - Tangerine Petal Play


Flower Themed Wallpaper - Elegant Magnolia Medley


Flower Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Blush Meadow Dance


Flower Theme Wallpaper - Fantasia Tapestry


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Blushing Bouquet Whispers


Flower Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Peach Petal Sprinkle


Flower Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Vintage Blossom Symphony


Flower Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Whimsical Watercolor Garden


Flower Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Traditional - Rosy Reverie Tapestry


Flower Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Blush Blossom Serenity


Flower Themed Wallpaper - Silent Blossoms


Flower Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Garden Sketchbook


Kids and Nursery Leaves Wallpaper - Vanilla Vines


Flower Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Emerald Eden


Butterfly Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Butterfly Blossom Waltz


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Sunlit Daisy Delight


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Summer Daisy Dream


Flower Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Bouquet of Tranquility


Flower Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Garden Gala


Traditional or Peel and Stick Flower Wallpaper - Verdant Vibrance


Flower Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Petal Softness


Flower Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Ethereal Petal Cascade


Leaves Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Meadow Bounds


Traditional or Peel and Stick Flower Wallpaper - Fluttering Flora


Kids and Nursery Flower Wallpaper - Floral Whispers


Butterfly Themed Wallpaper - Butterfly’s Field


Welcome to our Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids collection at Teepee Joy!

As a passionate designer, I am delighted to offer these charming wallpaper designs.

This collection is perfect for creating serene and whimsical spaces for your little ones.

From delicate blossoms to vibrant florals, each design is crafted to inspire joy and imagination.

One of my favorite aspects of this collection is the ease of customization.

You can personalize an existing design or let us create a bespoke wallpaper tailored to your vision.

More collections that might interest you are the Pink Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids, Colorful Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids, and the general Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids collection.

Need help with design choices or determining the right quantity of rolls?

Schedule a free video consultation with me, Lee Orlian, and let’s create the perfect space for your child together!

Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Sunlit Daisy Delight

What I Like About It

The "Sunlit Daisy Delight" wallpaper pattern exudes a cheerful and refreshing vibe, perfect for brightening up any child's room.

This design features large, simplistic daisies scattered across a soft, pastel teal background.

Each daisy, with its crisp white petals and warm golden centers, seems to capture a hint of sunshine, evoking a sense of joy and playfulness.

The artwork's style leans towards a charming hand-drawn look, giving it a personal and cozy touch that resonates with the youthful innocence of a child's world.

This choice of color palette and floral motif makes the wallpaper a delightful backdrop for fostering a nurturing and happy environment.

Mood and Atmosphere

The "Sunlit Daisy Delight" creates an atmosphere that is both calming and stimulating.

While the pastel teal background offers a tranquil base, the vibrant white and yellow daisies add bursts of energy and optimism, making it an excellent choice for both nurseries and playrooms.

The overall effect is a balanced environment where children can feel at ease and inspired.

This wallpaper invites light into the room, making it feel more open and airy, ideal for spaces where children play, learn, and rest.

Styling Tips

Styling a room with the "Sunlit Daisy Delight" wallpaper opens up a plethora of delightful decor opportunities.

To complement this wallpaper, consider soft furnishings in neutral tones like sandy beige or light gray to maintain the room's airy feel.

Introduce splashes of color through accessories such as yellow decorative pillows and white or grey throw blankets to echo the daisies' colors.

Wooden furniture pieces in natural tones will harmonize beautifully with the wallpaper, enhancing the room's warmth.

For artwork, opt for pieces that feature nature themes, like landscapes or more abstract representations of floral elements, to tie the room’s theme together.

Adding soft, plush rugs in subtle shades can also provide a comfortable play area while reinforcing the room’s serene yet cheerful ambiance.

These elements collectively create a cohesive and inviting space that complements the enchanting daisy theme of the wallpaper.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Rosy Reverie Tapestry

What I Like About It

The "Rosy Reverie Tapestry" wallpaper is a splendid display of artistic finesse, featuring a lush array of watercolor flowers in soft shades of pink, peach, and coral, complemented by gentle green foliage.

This design evokes the delicate touch of an artist's brush, with each flower beautifully rendered to show depth and texture, creating a dreamy floral landscape.

The watercolor technique gives it a fluid and organic feel, with colors blending seamlessly into each other, perfect for crafting a serene and inviting space.

The motif of blooming roses and small, playful sprigs introduces a timeless elegance and a touch of nature’s charm.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere, making it particularly well-suited for nurseries and children's bedrooms where a calm environment is cherished.

The gentle hues and the fluid nature of the watercolors provide a tranquil backdrop that can help in settling down an active mind, ideal for encouraging peaceful sleep or quiet playtime.

The "Rosy Reverie Tapestry" imparts a sense of warmth and comfort, enveloping the room in soft floral whispers that can inspire sweet dreams and a feeling of security.

Styling Tips

Decorating with the "Rosy Reverie Tapestry" offers wonderful opportunities to create a harmonious and stylish space.

Opt for furniture in white or light wood finishes to keep the room feeling fresh and airy.

Accentuate the soft pinks and greens of the wallpaper with matching decorative pillows and bedding in similar tones for a cohesive look.

incorporating metallic elements, such as brass or gold frames, for artwork or mirrors to add a touch of sophistication.

For a cohesive floor design, choose a rug with subtle hints of pink or a neutral color that complements the room's palette.

Wall art could include botanical prints or abstract pieces that reflect the wallpaper’s artistic style, enhancing the room's aesthetic while maintaining a serene ambiance.

This setting not only serves as a practical and beautiful space but also encourages creativity and comfort, perfect for your little one's development and enjoyment.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Blushing Bouquet Whispers

What I Like About It

"Blushing Bouquet Whispers" is an exquisite wallpaper pattern that captivates with its subtle grace and understated beauty.

The design features clusters of soft pink flowers and gentle grey leaves, meticulously arranged against a crisp white background.

The floral illustrations are delicate and somewhat reminiscent of watercolor strokes, which lend a handcrafted feel to the overall aesthetic.

This style brings a refreshing simplicity that is both timeless and modern.

The soft pink blooms are highlighted by the minimalist grey foliage, creating a balance that is visually soothing and perfect for a serene room setting.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to infuse a room with calmness and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for nurseries or young children’s bedrooms where a peaceful ambiance is paramount.

The gentle colors and the floral pattern contribute to a soothing environment that can help in calming young minds.

"Blushing Bouquet Whispers" is perfect for spaces intended to be restful retreats from the lively play areas, providing a soft backdrop that enhances relaxation and encourages peaceful sleep.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Blushing Bouquet Whispers" wallpaper, consider furniture and decor that echo its soft and elegant charm.

Opt for furniture in light wood tones or painted white to maintain a bright and airy feel in the room.

Accessories in shades of pink, like cushions and curtains, can be used to accentuate the wallpaper’s color palette.

Incorporate elements in grey to match the leaves, such as a cozy grey rug or throw blankets, to add depth and texture to the space.

Wall art featuring simple floral prints or abstract designs in matching tones can enhance the botanical theme without overwhelming the subtle design of the wallpaper.

A hanging mobile with delicate floral elements could be a charming addition above a crib or bed.

These styling choices will create a cohesive and enchanting space that is as functional as it is beautiful, perfect for inspiring sweet dreams and happy mornings in any child’s room.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Meadow's Bloom

What I Like About It

"Meadow's Bloom" is an enchanting wallpaper pattern that captures the subtle beauty of a wild meadow with its delicate floral and foliage motifs.

The design features a monochrome palette of soft greys, showcasing elegant, hand-drawn-style illustrations of various wildflowers and leaves.

This simplicity allows the intricate details of each stem and petal to stand out, bringing a touch of nature's intricate designs into the home.

The use of a single color emphasizes the shapes and textures of the botanical elements, making it a versatile choice that can blend seamlessly with a wide range of room decor styles.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to create a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for spaces that require a soothing ambiance such as nurseries and children's bedrooms.

The gentle flow of the botanical illustrations lends a tranquil vibe, inviting one to relax and unwind.

The elegance and simplicity of "Meadow's Bloom" make it suitable for not only children's areas but also spaces where adults can enjoy its understated beauty.

It's perfect for fostering a peaceful environment conducive to rest or gentle play, making it a versatile option for any family room.

Styling Tips

Decorating with the "Meadow's Bloom" wallpaper offers a chance to play with textures and subtle contrasts.

To complement its graceful simplicity, opt for furniture in white or soft grey tones to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Accent pieces such as pillows and blankets in varying shades of grey can add depth to the decor without overwhelming the delicate pattern of the wallpaper.

Metallic accents in silver or brushed nickel for picture frames, lamp bases, and drawer handles can add a modern touch to the space.

For a soft yet cohesive flooring option, consider a plush rug in a light grey or off-white to provide comfort and enhance the room’s tranquil feel.

Wall art can include minimalist botanical prints or abstract pieces that mimic the flow and elegance of the wallpaper’s design, tying the room's aesthetic together beautifully and creating a serene, harmonious space.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Pinky Rosettes

What I Like About It

"Pinky Rosettes" is a beautifully vibrant wallpaper pattern that blends the whimsical charm of watercolor florals with the softness of pastel tones.

The design features an array of delicate pink flowers interspersed with soft green leaves and blush-toned petals, all set against a clean white background.

The watercolor style imbues the pattern with a dreamlike quality, as if each element has been gently brushed onto the surface with careful strokes.

This technique creates a sense of movement and fluidity, making the flowers appear to bloom right before your eyes.

The choice of colors—soft pinks and greens—evokes a feeling of spring and rejuvenation, making it a lively yet soothing choice for any child's space.

Mood and Atmosphere

The "Pinky Rosettes" wallpaper is designed to create a lively and inspiring atmosphere, perfect for stimulating a child's imagination and creativity.

While the overall mood of the pattern is energetic and cheerful, the softness of the watercolor effect and the pastel palette keep it from being overwhelming, making it suitable for both playrooms and bedrooms.

The floral theme and the playful arrangement of the botanicals lend a touch of nature-inspired whimsy, ideal for spaces where children dream, learn, and grow.

Styling Tips

To complement this vibrant wallpaper, consider incorporating furniture in neutral shades like soft grey or warm white to balance the brightness of the pinks and greens.

Add accents through decor items such as plush pillows and throw blankets in matching pink hues to enhance the floral theme without competing with it.

A light-colored wood floor or a soft, off-white rug can provide a grounding element that ties the room together while keeping the focus on the colorful walls.

For artwork, choose simple, modern pieces that reflect the botanical theme or abstract works that mirror the soft, fluid lines of the watercolor flowers.

Adding floating shelves in a natural wood finish can offer practical storage and display space without detracting from the wallpaper’s visual impact.

These styling choices will create a cohesive and enchanting space that is as functional as it is beautiful, perfect for nurturing a child's imagination and comfort.

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kids - Beaming Floras

What I Like About It

"Beaming Floras" is a captivating wallpaper pattern that bursts with the joy and vibrancy of a blooming garden.

This design features an array of watercolor flowers in a spectrum of colors, from soft pinks and bold yellows to serene blues.

Each bloom is painted with a light, airy touch, giving the impression that the flowers are swaying gently in a spring breeze.

The hand-drawn quality of the illustrations adds a personal and intimate touch, making the walls feel like a canvas showcasing a beautiful, artistic expression.

The diverse color palette and the scattered arrangement of the floral motifs create a dynamic yet harmonious look that is both eye-catching and soothing.

Mood and Atmosphere

The "Beaming Floras" wallpaper is designed to create a cheerful and stimulating environment, making it an excellent choice for a child’s playroom or bedroom.

The variety of colors stimulates visual interest and creativity, while the natural elements of the design promote a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

This balance makes it ideal for spaces that are used for both active play and winding down.

The playful and lively vibe of the wallpaper can inspire imaginations, making it a perfect backdrop for creative play and learning.

Styling Tips

To style a room with the "Beaming Floras" wallpaper, start with furniture in neutral tones like white or light wood to keep the space feeling open and airy.

Accentuate the room with pops of color drawn from the wallpaper, such as pink cushions, yellow throws, or blue curtains, to create a cohesive and lively environment.

Consider adding soft, plush rugs in a neutral color to balance the vividness of the walls and provide a comfortable area for play.

Artwork featuring botanical themes or abstract pieces in similar colors can complement the wallpaper and enhance the room's aesthetic.

Incorporate open shelving in a natural wood tone to display colorful books and toys, adding both functionality and charm.

These styling choices will help foster a delightful space that encourages creativity and joy, perfect for nurturing the young minds who inhabit it.

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