Baby Room Wallpaper

Kids and Nursery Dinosaur Wallpaper - Dinosaur Dash


Boho Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Leafy Sage


Green Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Leafy Mints


Giraffe Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Giraffe’s Paradise


Woodland Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Woodland Whispers


Traditional or Peel and Stick Car Wallpaper - Vintage Wheels


Stars Theme Wallpaper - Candy Stars


Peel & Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Earrisistable Fluffs


Floral Theme Wallpaper - Blue Blossoms


Birds Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Seagull’s Summer


Stripes Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Multihued Stripes


Traditional or Peel and Stick Floral Wallpaper - Finest Blooms


Animal Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Winter Wildlife Wonders


Traditional or Peel and Stick Safari Wallpaper - Safari Sketchbook


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Creamy Petal Dance


Rainbow Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Bohemian Rhapsody Arcs


Abstract Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Candy Ripple Delight


Abstract Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Pastel Serenity Waves


Kids Abstract Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Traditional - Vivid Waveforms


Traditional or Peel and Stick Rainbow Wallpaper - Lavender Bloom Rainbows


Rainbow Theme Wallpaper - Geometric Whimsy


Rainbow Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Petals and Portals


Rainbow Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper - Daisy Waves Charm


Rainbow Theme Wallpaper - Terracotta Rainbow


Flower Theme Wallpaper - Tangerine Petal Play


Flower Themed Wallpaper - Elegant Magnolia Medley


Flower Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Blush Meadow Dance


Flower Theme Wallpaper - Fantasia Tapestry


Flower Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Blushing Bouquet Whispers


Flower Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Peach Petal Sprinkle


Welcome to our Baby Room Wallpaper collection at Teepee Joy!

As a passionate designer, I’m excited to offer unique wallpaper designs that enhance any nursery, playroom, or child's room.

This collection is perfect for parents seeking a vibrant and playful space.

From whimsical animals to space adventures, our wallpapers spark joy and imagination.

I love the versatility and charm of the Baby Room Wallpaper collection.

Customize an existing design or let us create a bespoke wallpaper tailored to your vision.

More collections that might interest you are the Animal Nursery Wallpaper, Colorful Nursery Wallpaper, and the general Wallpaper for Nursery collection.

Need help with design choices or determining the right quantity of rolls?

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Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Playroom Wallpaper - Whale Constellations

What I Like About It

The Whale Constellations wallpaper pattern captivates with its playful and enchanting design, perfect for sparking the imagination in any child's space.

This pattern features gentle, friendly whales gliding among stars and icebergs, set against a serene backdrop of soft, undulating waves.

The color palette is soothing, with various shades of blue that evoke the calm of the ocean, complemented by crisp whites that highlight the stars and icebergs.

The hand-drawn style of the illustrations lends a personal touch, making each whale appear as if it were carefully sketched just for your little one’s room.

This pattern cleverly integrates celestial motifs with marine life, bringing a sense of wonder and exploration to the walls it adorns.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for nurseries or young children's bedrooms where a tranquil environment is beneficial.

The soft hues and the rhythmic pattern of the waves promote relaxation and can help soothe young ones to sleep.

Meanwhile, the playful whales and sparkling stars stimulate curiosity and dreaminess, making it equally suitable for playrooms where imagination is encouraged.

It's a versatile design that supports both restful slumber and creative play.

Styling Tips

When styling a room with the Whale Constellations wallpaper, consider using furniture in white or light wood tones to maintain a light, airy feel in the room.

For a color scheme, you can draw from the wallpaper by incorporating shades of navy, sky blue, and grey, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look.

Accessorize with silver or grey decorative pillows and plush toys to echo the theme of starry skies and distant galaxies.

Bedding in solid colors or with subtle nautical patterns can complement the wall decor without overwhelming the theme.

For wall art, consider pieces that feature marine elements or celestial bodies like moons and stars.

Adding a soft, neutral-colored rug can provide a comfortable play area that ties the room together, making it a perfect haven for little explorers to dream big and play hard.

Playroom Wallpaper - Happy Highways

What I Like About It

The Happy Highways wallpaper is a wonderfully animated and colorful design that instantly brings energy and fun to any child's space.

It features an assortment of whimsical vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks, all playfully navigating through curvy roads across a bright and cheerful landscape.

The background is dotted with charming little trees, traffic signals, and houses, adding layers of detail that encourage curiosity and exploration.

The colors used are vibrant and lively, with pops of red, yellow, blue, and green, making it visually stimulating and appealing to young eyes.

The illustrations are simple yet expressive, capturing a sense of joy and motion that is perfect for stimulating young imaginations.

Mood and Atmosphere

Happy Highways creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that is ideal for playrooms or active children’s bedrooms.

The lively scenes of traffic and travel foster an environment of excitement and movement, encouraging children to engage in imaginative play.

The playful roads winding through the wallpaper invite stories and adventures, making it a fantastic backdrop for play areas where children are encouraged to invent and explore.

This wallpaper brings a sense of dynamism and fun to any room, making it a lively center of activity that kids will love.

Styling Tips

To complement the Happy Highways wallpaper, consider selecting furniture in bright, solid colors that echo the primary tones in the design.

A bright yellow chair, a red toy chest, or a blue bookcase can enhance the cheerful theme without overwhelming the senses.

For bedding, opt for neutral colors with subtle patterns to balance the vividness of the walls.

Incorporating playful accessories like model cars, traffic light lamps, or road sign decals can further bring the theme to life and add functional elements to the room.

Consider a plush area rug with a simple geometric pattern in matching colors to provide a comfortable play space.

Lastly, adding wall art that features urban or transport themes can complement the wallpaper and complete the room's decor, making it a perfectly coordinated space for play and rest.

Playroom Wallpaper - Soaring Spectrums

What I Like About It

The Soaring Spectrums wallpaper is a charming and imaginative design that brings a sense of whimsy and wonder to any child's space.

This delightful pattern features playful birds in flight, interspersed with colorful rainbows, all set against a soothing sage green background.

The birds are styled with a touch of whimsy, appearing as if they're joyously spreading their wings wide.

The rainbows add a vibrant splash of color with warm hues of orange, red, and yellow, creating a contrast that is both eye-catching and heartwarming.

The overall aesthetic is gentle and inviting, with a hand-drawn feel that adds a personal and artistic touch to the room.

Mood and Atmosphere

Soaring Spectrums is designed to create a calming and serene atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for nurseries or young children’s bedrooms where a peaceful environment is desired.

The gentle motion of the birds in flight and the soft arcs of the rainbows suggest a tranquil scene of open skies, which can help foster relaxation and peacefulness.

This wallpaper encourages a soothing ambience, perfect for spaces where children rest and recharge, yet it also includes elements of joy and playfulness that can inspire creativity and happiness.

Styling Tips

To complement the Soaring Spectrums wallpaper, consider incorporating furniture in light wood tones or white to maintain the room's airy and bright feel.

For textiles, you might choose bedding and curtains in soft pastel colors that echo the gentle hues of the wallpaper.

Soft furnishings like pillows and throws in shades of orange, yellow, and cream can pull in colors from the rainbows, adding warmth and continuity to the decor.

For wall art, opt for simple, nature-inspired pieces or abstract designs that mimic the soft curves and lines of the rainbows and birds.

A plush, light-colored rug can provide a comfortable area for play, while decorative items such as wooden bird figurines or rainbow mobiles can enhance the theme and add a playful touch to the room's overall aesthetic.

Playroom Wallpaper - Rabbit Spring Garden

What I Like About It

The Rabbit's Spring Garden wallpaper is an exquisite portrayal of serene and tender moments in nature, perfect for creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere in children's spaces.

This pattern features beautifully rendered rabbits nestled among lush foliage and vibrant blooms, all illustrated in a soft watercolor style that exudes warmth and tranquility.

The rabbits are depicted in peaceful poses, adding a sense of quiet and calm to the design.

The palette is gentle, with earthy tones of beige and soft greens complemented by pops of pink and orange from the flowers, creating a harmonious and pleasing visual experience.

Mood and Atmosphere

Rabbit's Spring Garden is designed to create a calming and nurturing environment, making it an ideal choice for nurseries or children’s quiet rooms where relaxation is a priority.

The soft colors and gentle imagery provide a backdrop that encourages peacefulness and comfort, ideal for spaces where little ones rest or engage in quiet play.

The natural elements and tender depictions of wildlife help foster a connection with nature and a soothing ambiance that supports restful sleep and gentle relaxation.

Styling Tips

To enhance the tranquil beauty of Rabbit's Spring Garden wallpaper, consider using furniture in natural wood tones, which complement the earthy colors of the pattern and maintain the theme of nature and serenity.

Soft pink or beige textiles for bedding, drapes, and throws can pull in the colors from the flowers and add a layer of softness to the decor.

Accessorizing with items like plush rabbit toys or floral mobiles can echo the imagery in the wallpaper and provide a cohesive look.

For wall art, choose simple botanical prints or animal sketches that align with the gentle theme of the room.

Adding a soft, neutral-colored rug can provide a comfortable and safe area for play, while decorative baskets in natural materials like wicker or rattan can offer practical storage solutions that are both functional and stylish.

Playroom Wallpaper - Jungle Jamboree

What I Like About It

The Jungle Jamboree wallpaper is a vibrant and playful design, filled with an array of adorable, stylized animal faces that bring a joyful spirit to any child's space.

This pattern includes a delightful mix of creatures like lions, pandas, giraffes, and tigers, each rendered with charming, friendly features that are sure to captivate and charm young ones.

The illustrations are simple and modern, with a touch of whimsy that enhances their appeal.

The color palette is soft yet colorful, featuring pastel tones of pink, blue, yellow, and green, set against a subtle dotted ivory background that adds a lively texture without overwhelming the design.

Mood and Atmosphere

Jungle Jamboree is designed to create a cheerful and stimulating environment, perfect for nurseries, children’s bedrooms, or playrooms.

The friendly faces of the animals are engaging, encouraging children to interact and imagine, making it a fantastic choice for spaces where play and learning are encouraged.

The soft pastels provide a gentle backdrop that can help to keep the atmosphere light and airy, while the playful motifs spark joy and creativity.

This wallpaper is sure to foster a sense of happiness and adventure in any child's room.

Styling Tips

To complement the Jungle Jamboree wallpaper, choose furniture in neutral colors like white or light grey to keep the room feeling spacious and bright.

Accentuate the space with pops of color drawn from the wallpaper—think curtains, throws, or rugs in soft pink, light blue, or pale yellow.

Plush animal toys that match the creatures on the walls can be a fun and thematic addition, enhancing the jungle theme.

For bedding, select playful patterns that align with the jungle motif or stick to solid colors that coordinate with the wallpaper’s palette.

Wall art can include simple, joyful prints of animals or nature scenes to continue the theme around the room.

Adding a soft, playful rug in a complementary color can provide a comfortable space for play, while decorative baskets in natural materials like jute or cotton can offer practical, stylish storage solutions, keeping the room organized and cohesive.

Playroom Wallpaper - Tropical Cheetah Chill

What I Like About It

The Tropical Cheetah Chill wallpaper is a vibrant and refreshing design that brings a touch of the wild to any child's room.

This delightful pattern features elegant cheetahs lounging among lush tropical foliage, which adds a playful and adventurous feel.

The illustrations are stylized with a soft, modern touch, capturing the cheetahs in relaxed poses that exude a calm yet whimsical charm.

The color palette is a refreshing blend of teal, yellow, and various shades of green, providing a cool and soothing backdrop that stimulates the senses while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to create a lively yet peaceful environment, making it an excellent choice for both nurseries and playrooms.

The presence of cheetahs in a verdant tropical setting introduces elements of nature and adventure, sparking imagination and curiosity in young minds.

The cool tones of the background, combined with the vibrant greens and yellows, offer a balanced atmosphere that is both energizing and calming.

It's perfect for inspiring creative play while also providing a tranquil space for rest and relaxation.

Styling Tips

To complement the Tropical Cheetah Chill wallpaper, consider using furniture in natural wood tones or pieces painted in soft white to keep the room feeling fresh and airy.

Opt for textiles in green, yellow, or teal to harmonize with the wallpaper's color scheme.

These could include throw pillows, curtains, and bedding that incorporate leaf patterns or animal prints to enhance the tropical theme.

Incorporating plush toys shaped like jungle animals can add a fun, thematic touch to the decor.

For wall art, select simple nature-inspired prints or abstract designs that mimic the foliage patterns found in the wallpaper.

A soft, green rug can provide a comfortable play area that matches the jungle theme, while decorative baskets in rattan or bamboo offer practical storage solutions that are both functional and stylish, keeping the space organized and cohesive.

Playroom Wallpaper - Cosmic Playtime

What I Like About It

Cosmic Playtime is an enchanting wallpaper pattern that transports any room into the vastness of outer space.

This design features whimsical illustrations of robots, UFOs, and planets, each character and object rendered with a playful and friendly appearance that's perfect for sparking children's imaginations.

The color scheme is soft yet engaging, with shades of gray serving as the backdrop, complemented by pastel blues, oranges, and teals that add a gentle vibrancy without overwhelming the senses.

The style of the illustrations is charming and cartoonish, ideal for creating a friendly and approachable space where children can dream about the cosmos.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to inspire curiosity and excitement about the universe, making it perfect for playrooms or children's bedrooms.

The cosmic theme is not only educational but also incredibly stimulating, ideal for encouraging young explorers to imagine and learn about space.

Despite the energetic theme, the soft color palette ensures that the atmosphere remains calming and suitable for a nursery, where the playful designs can gently stimulate a baby's developing senses and pique their curiosity about the world around them.

Styling Tips

To enhance the magical space theme of Cosmic Playtime, consider incorporating furniture in neutral tones like gray or white, which complement the wallpaper without competing with its vibrant motifs.

For textiles, think about using bedding and curtains that pick up the pastel colors from the design—soft blues and teals work particularly well.

Space-themed accessories like planet-shaped pillows, starry night lamps, or constellation rugs can further accentuate the theme.

Consider adding educational elements such as a solar system mobile above the bed or a playful area rug that features a star map.

Wall art could include posters of famous astronauts or iconic space missions, providing both decoration and educational value.

To round out the room, opt for storage solutions in matching colors or with space-themed knobs and pulls to keep the room organized and cohesive while still fun and inviting.

Playroom Wallpaper - Prehistoric Playtime

What I Like About It

Prehistoric Playtime wallpaper is a delightful journey back in time, adorned with friendly and colorful dinosaur characters that invite curiosity and imaginative play.

Each dinosaur is playfully illustrated with a soft, approachable style that appeals to young children.

The design incorporates a range of playful prehistoric creatures, from towering brontosauruses to smiling triceratops, each set against a crisp, light background speckled with simple botanical elements like leaves and flowers.

The use of bright yet soothing colors such as teal, yellow, and soft blues, makes this wallpaper not only visually engaging but also versatile enough to fit into any child’s room or nursery.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to create a vibrant and playful mood, perfect for a nursery or child’s playroom.

The presence of charming dinosaurs in a whimsical setting can transform a simple room into a fun-filled prehistoric landscape, encouraging children to explore and learn through play.

Despite the energetic theme, the soft colors and gentle designs maintain a calming atmosphere that is ideal for stimulating a child’s creativity without overstimulating their senses.

Styling Tips

When decorating with the Prehistoric Playtime wallpaper, consider furniture in neutral tones such as light wood or white to keep the room feeling fresh and bright.

Accent the space with pops of color drawn from the wallpaper—think orange chairs, teal storage bins, or yellow shelves, which enhance the playful theme without overwhelming it.

Bedding and curtains in complementary pastel shades can tie the room together, while plush dinosaur toys and prehistoric-themed art can add a layer of fun and educational value.

For an interactive element, include a play mat that mimics a prehistoric landscape, offering children a tangible way to engage with the theme.

Wall art featuring simple, educational posters about dinosaurs or prehistoric plants can also enhance the learning aspect of the room, making it a perfect blend of fun and education.

Playroom Wallpaper - Geometric Whimsy

What I Like About It

The Geometric Whimsy wallpaper pattern is a bright and cheerful design that encapsulates the joy and innocence of childhood.

It features vibrant rainbows and playful flowers in a bold, geometric style that is both modern and timeless.

The rainbows and flowers are depicted in a spectrum of primary colors—reds, yellows, blues, and a touch of orange—making this pattern a visual delight.

The simple shapes and bold outlines give the elements a standout quality that can stimulate visual development in young children while adding a splash of color to any room.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, ideal for a playroom, nursery, or child’s bedroom.

The bright colors and playful motifs foster an environment of happiness and creativity, making it a perfect backdrop for spaces where children can play and explore.

The geometric simplicity of the design keeps it visually interesting without being overwhelming, allowing for a stimulating yet balanced environment that can adapt to both energetic playtime and peaceful bedtime routines.

Styling Tips

To complement the Geometric Whimsy wallpaper, opt for furniture in solid, neutral colors like white or light grey to balance the vibrancy of the walls.

Accent pieces in colors pulled from the wallpaper, such as red chairs or a blue rug, can tie the room together.

Consider using soft furnishings like curtains and bedding in matching primary colors to enhance the cheerful theme.

For a playful touch, add accessories like colorful baskets for toy storage and bright, soft pillows for comfort.

Wall art could include abstract shapes or simple, bold prints that mimic the geometric nature of the wallpaper.

A soft, plush rug in a neutral shade can provide a comfortable area for playing, while decorative lamps or light fixtures in primary colors can add functional yet thematic lighting to the space.

Playroom Wallpaper - Airshow

What I Like About It

The "Airshow" wallpaper pattern is a playful and imaginative design that captures the spirit of adventure and freedom.

Featuring colorful paper airplanes darting across a soft, white background, each plane follows its own dashed line, creating dynamic and winding paths across the wall.

The paper airplanes are rendered in soft pastels like pink, blue, and yellow, adding a gentle touch of color that is calming yet cheerful.

The illustration style is simple and clear, with a hand-drawn quality that gives it a personal and approachable feel.

This whimsical pattern is perfect for inspiring dreams of flight and the excitement of soaring through the skies.

Mood and Atmosphere

"Airshow" is designed to foster a sense of calm and whimsy, making it an excellent choice for both nurseries and playrooms.

The soft color palette and the playful theme of flying paper airplanes create a peaceful yet stimulating environment, encouraging children to imagine and explore.

The gentle movement implied by the flowing paths of the airplanes adds a dynamic quality to the room, perfect for sparking creativity and daydreams in a space where young minds can feel both relaxed and inspired.

Styling Tips

To complement the Airshow wallpaper, opt for furniture in light wood tones or white to keep the room airy and bright.

Accents in pastel colors drawn from the wallpaper—like sky blue bookshelves or a pale pink toy chest—can help tie the room together.

Consider using bedding and curtains in soft solids or subtle patterns that don’t compete with the intricate lines of the flying paper planes.

Adding a few aviation-themed accessories, such as model airplanes or a globe, can enhance the theme.

For wall art, look for prints that feature sky motifs, such as clouds or stars, to continue the theme of flight.

A soft, plush rug in a neutral color provides a comfortable play area, while decorative baskets in matching pastel shades offer practical and stylish storage solutions.

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