Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Woodland Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Woodland Whispers


Animal Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Winter Wildlife Wonders


Traditional or Peel and Stick Safari Wallpaper - Safari Sketchbook


Forest Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Enchanted Wilderness


Hippopotamus Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Nature's Nurture


Animal Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Traditional - Watercolor Wildlife Garden


Animal Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Nurturing Nature


Woodland Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Tender Tropics


Forest Themed Wallpaper - Watercolor Wilderness


Forest Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Traditional - Forest Fauna Harmony


Animal Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Wildlife Wonders


Safari Theme Wallpaper - Rosy Safari Scribbles


Animal Themed Wallpaper - Tropical Tots Parade


Safari Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Safari Whimsy


Kids and Nursery Safari Wallpaper - Safari Siesta


Safari Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Savanna Playtime


Animal Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Zoo Day Doodles


Tiger Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Whiskers and Wings


Jungle Themed Nursery Wallpaper and Kids Room Wallpaper - Jungle Jamboree


Jungle Peel and Stick or Traditional Wallpaper - Jungle Rendezvous


Traditional or Peel and Stick Jungle Wallpaper - Constellation Jungle


Jungle Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Forest Fables


Forest Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Enchanted Forest Frolic


Whimsical Theme Nursery Wallpaper - Snowflake Hoppers


Nautical Themed Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Oceanic Adventures


Balloon Theme Wallpaper - Airborne Antics


Woodland Themed Wallpaper - Woodland Whimsy


Space Theme Wallpaper - Galactic Pals


Animal Wallpaper for Nursery and Kids Rooms - Jungle Celebration


Woodland Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Traditional - Woodland Portraits


Welcome to our Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection at Teepee Joy!

As a dedicated designer, I am excited to share our whimsical and nature-inspired wallpapers perfect for nurseries, playrooms, and kids' spaces.

Each design, from playful bunnies to enchanting forest scenes, is crafted with love to spark young imaginations.

I love this collection for its ability to transform any room into a magical woodland retreat.

Our wallpapers are not just beautiful but also customizable to suit your unique vision.

More collections that might interest you are the Forest Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Jungle Peel and Stick Wallpaper, and the general Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection.

Need help with design choices or determining the right quantity of rolls? Schedule a free video consultation with me, Lee Orlian, and let’s bring your child’s space to life together!

Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Savanna Playtime

What I Like About It

The "Savanna Playtime" wallpaper pattern is a delightful ensemble of gentle safari animals in a playful, yet soothing setting.

This design features charming, hand-drawn illustrations of giraffes, monkeys, and hippos, all depicted in soft, muted tones of gray, beige, and pastel green.

The choice of colors ensures that the wallpaper brings a light and airy feel to any room.

Each animal character is uniquely styled, with the giraffes wearing cute little boots, adding a whimsical and imaginative touch.

The inclusion of subtle floral motifs and soft geometric shapes around the animals enhances the playful yet serene atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for sparking children's imagination and creativity.

Mood and Atmosphere

"Savanna Playtime" is designed to create a calming and nurturing environment, perfect for nurseries and children's rooms.

The soft palette and the gentle depiction of friendly animals promote a peaceful and comforting space, ideal for rest and relaxation.

This wallpaper can also adapt to the changing decor as your child grows, thanks to its timeless charm and understated style.

It's a versatile backdrop that supports a variety of room themes, from an adventurous jungle quest to a quiet afternoon in a storybook savanna.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Savanna Playtime" wallpaper, consider incorporating natural wood furniture pieces to maintain the earthy, natural vibe.

Opt for soft beige or light green textiles for bedding and curtains to match the wallpaper's color scheme.

Decorative pillows featuring safari animals or simple geometric patterns can add depth and interest to the room.

Consider wall art that picks up the savanna theme—perhaps a canvas print of a serene landscape or playful animal sketches.

Soft, plush rugs in neutral colors or with subtle patterns will create a cozy play area.

Lastly, add a few handcrafted wooden toys or a small indoor plant to bring a touch of nature inside, completing the perfect sanctuary for any child to grow, play, and dream.

Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Tropical Tots Parade

What I Like About It

The "Tropical Tots Parade" wallpaper is a vivid and joyous celebration of the animal kingdom, presented in a playful and modern style.

This pattern features a series of hand-drawn, geometrically stylized animals such as giraffes, zebras, and tigers, each rendered in bold, saturated colors like orange, yellow, and soft gray, set against a lively white background with abstract details.

The animals are illustrated with a charming simplicity, emphasizing friendly faces and engaging poses.

This design cleverly incorporates tiny graphic elements like leaves, spots, and stripes, adding texture and a sense of movement that captivates and delights.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to infuse a room with energy and whimsy, making it an excellent choice for nurseries, children's bedrooms, or playrooms.

The bright colors and dynamic arrangement of the "Tropical Tots Parade" create an environment that is both stimulating and joyful, encouraging play and imagination.

It's the kind of backdrop that can inspire stories and adventures, turning a simple room into a lively stage for a child’s daily explorations and play.

Styling Tips

To enhance the vibrant look of the "Tropical Tots Parade" wallpaper, complement it with furniture and accessories in equally bold colors.

Opt for a primary color scheme with furniture pieces in red, blue, or yellow to echo the wallpaper's playful vibe.

Consider adding soft furnishings like throw pillows and blankets in contrasting colors, such as deep blues or greens, to balance the brightness.

Wall art featuring simple, bold graphics or animal themes can tie the room together.

For flooring, choose a rug that has neutral tones to ground the space while maintaining the playful theme, such as a soft gray or cream area rug with a subtle pattern.

Finally, adding functional yet fun decor items like colorful storage bins and whimsical lighting fixtures can complete the look, making the space not only beautiful but also practical for both parents and children.

Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Watercolor Wildlife Garden

What I Like About It

The "Watercolor Wildlife Garden" wallpaper is a beautiful depiction of a serene natural setting, brought to life through lush watercolor techniques.

This pattern showcases a variety of wildlife, including a playful giraffe, a curious lynx, and an adorable llama, all painted with a gentle and refined brushstroke that captures both their spirit and the subtle details of their features.

Floral elements such as roses and leafy vines add a fresh, botanical feel to the scene, blending harmoniously with the animals.

The use of watercolors gives the images a soft, dreamlike quality, with colors that meld into each other, from earthy browns and soft beiges to touches of lavender and muted greens.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper invites a calm and soothing atmosphere, making it perfect for nurseries or young children's bedrooms where a peaceful ambiance is desired.

The gentle brushstrokes and the pastel color palette of the "Watercolor Wildlife Garden" create a soft backdrop that encourages relaxation and comfort.

The presence of friendly animal faces also adds a sense of companionship and whimsy, making the room feel safe and inviting for little ones to dream and play.

Styling Tips

To complement the delicate beauty of the "Watercolor Wildlife Garden" wallpaper, choose furniture in soft, natural wood tones or white to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Bedding in pale lavender, soft pink, or fresh mint green would beautifully echo the wallpaper's color scheme.

For accessories, consider decorative pillows and throw blankets that incorporate floral patterns or animal motifs to enhance the theme.

A soft, plush rug in a neutral shade could anchor the space while providing a comfortable area for play.

Wall art can be simple and elegant, perhaps framed botanical prints or soft watercolor paintings that match the style of the wallpaper.

To complete the look, opt for curtains in a light, translucent fabric to maintain the room’s serene and airy feel, making it a perfect haven for peaceful play and restful sleep.

Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Jungle Dream

What I Like About It

"Jungle Dream" is a lush and vivid wallpaper pattern that immerses any room in the heart of a tropical paradise.

The design features detailed and lifelike illustrations of majestic wildlife, including giraffes, elephants, and a stealthy leopard, all set amongst a dense and beautifully rendered backdrop of tropical palms and foliage.

The color palette is natural and rich, with various shades of green, earthy browns, and accents of gray, which together create a feeling of being within a vibrant jungle.

The realistic depiction of the animals and plants in this pattern provides a sense of depth and complexity that encourages curiosity and exploration.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to evoke a sense of adventure and wonder, making it an excellent choice for children’s playrooms or bedrooms.

The "Jungle Dream" pattern is not only visually stimulating but also educational, as it introduces children to different species and environments.

Its vibrant yet earthy colors provide a stimulating environment that is energetic and exciting, ideal for sparking imaginative play and learning.

This makes it a perfect backdrop for spaces where children are encouraged to think creatively and dream big.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Jungle Dream" wallpaper, consider furniture in natural wood tones to enhance the jungle theme.

Dark green or tan upholstery on furniture will also harmonize beautifully with the jungle palette, maintaining a cohesive look.

For bedding, opt for neutral colors with pops of green to mimic the shades found in the wallpaper.

Add area rugs in solid colors or with subtle earth-toned patterns to balance the vividness of the wallpaper without overwhelming the space.

Accessorize with plush animal toys that match those depicted in the wallpaper, such as giraffes or elephants, to bring the jungle theme to life.

Wall art can include framed pictures of tropical scenes or educational posters featuring jungle wildlife.

Lighting fixtures made of natural materials like wood or bamboo can add to the room's explorative feel, creating a perfect little explorer’s nook.

Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Woodland Garden

What I Like About It

The "Woodland Garden" wallpaper is a playful and eclectic mix of woodland creatures and whimsical botanicals, brought to life through charming hand-drawn illustrations.

This pattern features a variety of animals such as a gentle bear with starry glasses, a pensive leopard, and a cozy rabbit, each adorned in a unique, storybook style.

The artwork is set against a backdrop of soft stripes and includes a variety of small, enchanting motifs like rainbows, flowers, and abstract shapes.

The color palette is soft yet vibrant, utilizing pastel blues, warm yellows, and muted greens, creating a friendly and inviting environment.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper pattern is designed to foster a cheerful and imaginative atmosphere, perfect for a child's room or play area.

The combination of adorable animals and playful botanicals sets a scene of enchantment and wonder, sparking creativity and storytelling.

The soft lines and pastel colors lend a calming effect, making it equally suitable for a serene nursery.

"Woodland Garden" encourages a connection with nature and the magical, softer side of a forest, making it an inviting space for both play and rest.

Styling Tips

To complement the "Woodland Garden" wallpaper, opt for furniture in light wood tones to enhance the natural feel of the room.

Soft, plush seating like poufs or cushioned chairs in shades of cream or pastel can offer comfortable reading nooks or play spots.

Bedding and curtains in light pastel colors or with subtle nature-themed patterns can harmonize with the wallpaper’s color scheme.

For floor decor, a soft rug in a solid pastel color or with minimalistic patterns will balance the busyness of the wallpaper while adding warmth to the space.

Accessorize with wooden or wicker baskets for storage that blends seamlessly into the woodland theme.

Wall art could include framed illustrations of forest scenes or quotes from favorite children's books to enhance the storybook feel.

Finally, incorporating a few potted plants or hanging greens can bring a touch of real-life nature into the room, enriching the overall woodland fantasy.

Need Help Picking the Perfect Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

As you explore the delightful options in our Animal Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection, imagine the stories and playtimes each pattern could inspire in your child's sanctuary.

Remember, choosing a wallpaper is like choosing the backdrop for your child's happiest moments—from lively playdates to restful nights filled with dreams of the savannah.

If you find yourself wondering which design captures the spirit of your child's imagination best, I'm here to help guide you.

Would you love some assistance on this decorative journey?

I offer complimentary consultations to aid in selecting the perfect wallpaper that not only beautifies but also transforms your child's room into a magical, dream-filled space.

If you prefer to see and feel the textures firsthand, consider ordering swatches as a fantastic starting point.

You are also welcome to continue browsing our collection at your leisure, allowing your heart and your child’s imagination to lead the way.

Ready to start this adventure in style?

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The journey to creating a dreamy and imaginative space for your child begins right here with us.

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