Safari Wallpaper for Kids and Nursery Rooms

Welcome to our Safari Wallpaper for Kids collection at Teepee Joy!

As a devoted designer, I am thrilled to share these enchanting wallpaper designs that bring the beauty and excitement of the safari to your child's space.

This collection is ideal for nurseries, playrooms, and kids' bedrooms, featuring playful and majestic safari animals in lush, vibrant settings. I love this collection because it sparks curiosity and a sense of adventure.

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Plus, we offer customization options to make each design uniquely yours.

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Lee Orlian's Favorites

Founder of Teepee Joy and an interior designer.

Safari Wallpaper - Savanna Playtime

What I Like About It

The "Savanna Playtime" wallpaper is a heartwarming symphony of soft colors and endearing savanna animals that invites a gentle spirit into any child's space.

The colors are thoughtfully chosen to be soothing yet cheerful, with a pastel palette that brings a sense of calmness and joy.

The style of the illustrations is charmingly hand-drawn, giving each figure—a playful monkey, a towering giraffe, and a contented hippo—a unique character and a story to tell.

Each element works together to create a whimsical landscape that's just as much about adventure as it is about peacefulness.

It's this balance that I find particularly special, making it an ideal backdrop for both rest and play.

Mood and Atmosphere

This delightful pattern is crafted to nourish the imagination and support tranquil dreams.

It's a design that speaks of gentle adventures and carefree play.

With its calming hues and friendly animal motifs, "Savanna Playtime" is perfectly suited for a nursery where serenity is key, but it also has that spark of liveliness that would make it a fantastic addition to a playroom.

Imagine your little one's delight in pointing out each animal friend and dreaming up tales of jungle escapades, all in the comfort of their cozy room—a place where the line between dreamland and playtime beautifully blurs.

Styling Tips

To complement "Savanna Playtime," think of accessories that echo its soft yet cheerful vibe.

Opt for natural wood furniture to keep the room feeling grounded and warm.

A plush rug in a cream or light green hue can serve as a gentle contrast to the playful wallpaper.

Consider adding wall art that picks up on the savanna theme, perhaps a series of framed prints that tell a story or capture the spirit of exploration.

For bedding, select fabrics in understated tones with a splash of color that matches the wallpaper's palette—maybe a sky blue or a soft tangerine.

Decorative pillows shaped like clouds or stars can add a touch of whimsy, while blackout curtains in a coordinating shade ensure restful naps.

Remember, it's about creating a harmonious space that wraps your child in comfort while sparking their imagination.

Safari Wallpaper - Wildlife Wonders

What I Like About It

"Wildlife Wonders" captures the essence of a playful and modern safari adventure.

The pattern's joyful assembly of giraffes, elephants, and monkeys, all styled with a delightful geometric simplicity, brings a fresh and contemporary feel to the classic animal theme.

The colors are muted yet inviting, featuring a soft blend of grays, blues, and pinks with just the right touch of warmth to enliven a child's space without overwhelming it.

Each animal character is a friendly companion on your little one’s daily journey of play and discovery.

What's special here is the playful minimalism—a nod to modern design trends that also feels timeless in a child's room.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper design is a perfect match for spaces that aim to be calming yet stimulating.

The gentle color palette and the simplified shapes of the "Wildlife Wonders" create a tranquil atmosphere that won’t disrupt bedtime, while the recognizable animal forms offer endless inspiration for imaginative play.

It’s a versatile backdrop that supports a peaceful mood for nurseries, and an inspiring setting for playrooms where young minds can soar with creativity.

Styling Tips

To style a room with "Wildlife Wonders," begin with furniture in natural wood tones to complement the wallpaper's earthy elements.

Incorporate soft textiles in ivory or light gray to maintain the room’s serene palette.

For a pop of color, consider a throw blanket or a rug with hints of blush pink or sky blue, reflecting the wallpaper's subtle colors.

Artwork can be simple and modern, perhaps abstract representations of savanna scenes or framed, playful sayings that echo the joyous spirit of the animals.

Bedding might feature a pattern that’s just as whimsical, with polka dots or stripes in coordinating colors.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a touch of greenery with some indoor plants or botanical prints, to bring a little bit of the wild indoors, fostering a connection with nature.

This wallpaper encourages a balance of restfulness and playful energy, making it a joyful choice for any child's room.

As parents, when you choose "Wildlife Wonders," you're not just selecting a design; you're setting the stage for countless stories and adventures to unfold.

Safari Wallpaper - Rosy Safari Scribbles

What I Like About It

"Rosy Safari Scribbles" is a delightful tapestry of spontaneous creativity, embodying the carefree doodles that might dance from the pencil of a child lost in their imagination.

The monochromatic line drawings, set against a rosy backdrop, provide a simplicity that's refreshingly modern and playfully sophisticated.

It's the marriage of minimal color with the maximal charm of elephants, lions, and giraffes that brings a special touch to this design.

The hand-drawn style offers a personal, almost intimate touch, as if each stroke captures a moment of playful inventiveness—a feature that makes this wallpaper uniquely endearing.

Mood and Atmosphere

This pattern is infused with a sense of fun and whimsy, yet it maintains an air of calm with its unified color scheme.

It's this balance that makes "Rosy Safari Scribbles" a versatile choice for any child's room, whether it's a peaceful nursery or a creative playroom.

The inviting warmth of the rosy hue provides a nurturing ambiance, while the lively safari animals are sure to spark joy and encourage storytelling among little ones, making the room feel like a safe and cozy corner of a whimsical world.

Styling Tips

When styling with "Rosy Safari Scribbles," keep in mind the power of simplicity.

Furniture in white or light wood finishes will complement without competing, allowing the wallpaper to take center stage.

Incorporate soft textures with chunky knit blankets or a shaggy rug to add depth and warmth to the space.

To pick up on the playful vibe, select wall art that features simple, abstract designs or inspirational quotes in typographic prints.

For a cohesive look, choose bedding and curtains in solid colors that echo the wallpaper's rosy tone or perhaps in a contrasting soft gray for a bit of visual interest.

Accessorize with playful, geometrically shaped pillows, and add a cozy reading nook with an inviting beanbag chair.

The result will be a space that feels both artistically inspired and reassuringly grounded—a perfect backdrop for growth, creativity, and sweet dreams.

Safari Wallpaper - Jungle Dream

What I Like About It

"Jungle Dream" is a lush and vibrant escape into the heart of a tropical paradise.

Each element of the pattern is rendered with a stunning realism that breathes life into the room, from the towering palms to the majestic giraffes and the gentle elephants.

The color palette is a rich mix of natural greens, earthy browns, and soft animal hues, evoking the full spectrum of the jungle's serene yet dynamic atmosphere.

The watercolor style adds a layer of depth and artistry, making every glance a visual adventure—just as if you've stepped into an artist's gallery.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper transforms any room into a tranquil retreat, offering a serene backdrop that encourages calm and reflection.

Despite its lively depiction of jungle life, "Jungle Dream" maintains a peaceful ambiance that is ideal for a nursery, promoting a nurturing environment for rest and growth.

At the same time, its depth and detail offer a stimulating scene for older children, making it equally suitable for a playroom where the imagination can run as wild as the jungle itself.

Styling Tips

To enhance the "Jungle Dream" wallpaper, select furniture in dark wood tones to complement the richness of the jungle foliage.

Bedding in solid colors, perhaps a creamy white or a soft green, will allow the intricate design of the wallpaper to stand out.

Accessorize with plush animal toys that echo the creatures in the pattern, creating a three-dimensional extension of the jungle theme.

A leaf-patterned rug could bring a touch of the undergrowth to the floor, while botanical prints and a hanging rattan chair can continue the theme of natural wonder.

Soft, ambient lighting will highlight the wallpaper's details, casting a warm glow that completes this enchanting jungle atmosphere.

By choosing decor that harmonizes with "Jungle Dream," you're curating a space that not only delights the eyes but also nourishes the soul, making it an inviting haven for every child.

Safari Wallpaper - Born to be Wild

What I Like About It

"Born to be Wild" is a spirited and charming pattern that instantly takes you on a safari adventure.

The rich watercolor illustrations are brimming with life, depicting a playful ensemble of jungle animals surrounded by lush foliage.

The colors are an earthy mix of greens, tans, and grays, interspersed with the natural hues of the wild animals, crafting a design that is both lively and organic.

Each creature—from the noble elephant to the stately giraffe and the stealthy crocodile—has been captured with a loving attention to detail, imbuing the space with the wonder of nature.

Mood and Atmosphere

This wallpaper is designed to stir the senses and inspire a sense of adventure, making it a perfect selection for a nursery or playroom.

"Born to be Wild" evokes a mood of exploration and discovery, inviting children to imagine themselves roaming the great savannas or navigating the densest jungles.

Yet, there's a harmonious serenity in the way the animals coexist within the design, offering a tranquil environment where young minds can drift peacefully off to sleep or engage in contemplative play.

Styling Tips

For a room adorned with "Born to be Wild," I recommend choosing furniture with a modern, clean-lined aesthetic to balance the richness of the wallpaper.

Accents in solid colors drawn from the wallpaper—such as olive greens, soft browns, or neutral grays—can harmonize the space.

Consider adding plush throw pillows or a soft rug that mimics the textures of the savanna.

A mix of wooden and rattan decor pieces would bring in the feel of the wild, while a gallery wall with animal sketches or inspirational quotes in a similar watercolor style can tie the room together.

A cozy armchair in a corner, upholstered in a solid, earth-toned fabric, creates the perfect nook for storytime, surrounded by the gentle creatures of the wild.

Safari Wallpaper - Safari Escapade

What I Like About It

"Safari Escapade" brings the grandeur of an African safari to life in an exquisite monochrome sketch style.

What I find particularly enchanting about this pattern is its ability to capture the soulful energy and quiet dignity of the savanna's wildlife through intricate line art.

It's the skillful detail in every palm frond, the texture of the giraffe's spots, and the wise gaze of the elephant that make this design so captivating.

Rendered in classic black and white, it brings a sophisticated yet playful energy to any space.

The lack of color in this pattern makes it timeless and versatile, allowing it to grow with your child from infancy into the teenage years.

Mood and Atmosphere

The tranquil monochromatic palette of "Safari Escapade" fosters a calm and contemplative mood, perfect for a nursery or a child's bedroom.

It's a design that encourages quiet moments of introspection as well as imaginative exploration.

Despite the animated subject matter, the uniformity of black and white imparts a serene uniformity, ensuring that the room remains a peaceful haven.

It's equally at home in a more active play space, where it can serve as a backdrop for vibrant play without clashing with brighter colors.

Styling Tips

Pairing "Safari Escapade" with decor elements is a delightful endeavor.

To honor the elegant simplicity of the wallpaper, choose furniture with clean lines and a modern edge, perhaps in white or soft gray, to maintain a cohesive look.

Bedding in solid colors or with subtle patterns can add texture without competing with the wall's artistry.

Accentuate with silver or gold metallics for a touch of sophistication—think picture frames or lamp bases.

A plush area rug in a soft texture invites little feet to wander through their own indoor safari.

To bring a gentle pop of color, consider a verdant plant or two, which can break up the monochrome and add a touch of life.

For the walls, select art pieces that are simple and elegant—perhaps a series of abstract canvases or framed black and white photographs that continue the theme of natural beauty.

Need Help Picking the Perfect Safari Wallpaper for Kids?

As we draw near the close of our Safari Wallpaper for Kids collection expedition, It's essential to remember that each choice you make paves the way for endless stories and cherished moments in your little one's space.

Envision the walls echoing with laughter from lively play, whispers of fairytales at dusk, and the quiet breath of deep, dream-filled slumber.

If the myriad of options has you wandering in circles, worry not—I'm here to clear the path to the perfect find.

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